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3 Co longset
Walsh 1731, Wright 1750

   A1        1st Co cross Rsh & 1/2 turn 2nd Co 
           (Man turns Wo Rh, Wo turns Man Lh),
           1/2 turn each other Lh in 2nd place;
   A2        1st Co cross Lh & 1/2 turn 3rd Co as before, 
           then l/2 turn each other Lh in 3rd place:
   B1        1st Co cross Lh, cast up to middle place (improper), 
           Hey 4 changes with 2nd Co, starting Rh with partner, 
           then cross down to stand in line of 4 between 3rd
           Co, facing down;
   B2        Line moves down, setting to R & L, 
           falls back into set formation, then 1st Co
           1/2 fig 8 down through 3rd Co & turn with 2 hands 
           moving down to 3rd place as
           3rd Co move up outside to 2nd place.
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