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Du Min -1st Cos improper
DM 17th ed 1721

Note: This version has an A music of 2 bars of 5/2 (5 counts in a bar)

A1      1st Co cast down into middle of a line facing up as 
        2nd Co lead up & cast onto ends of line (5 steps), 
        line moves up 3 steps & back 2 steps;
A2      All turn neighbour 2 hands 1 1/2 times round, 
        finishing in line facing down (10 steps):
B  1-2  Chasse down in line diagonally to R (R - L - R) 
        & L (L - R - L),
   3-4  Fall back into set formation in progressed places;
   5-8  1st Co 1/2 fig 8 up through 2nd Co, 
        then cross with partner & fall back.

This version from Colin Hume.

Whimbleton House

Format: Longways duple improper

A1:     (2 bars of 5 time):   Ones cast into the middle of a line
        of four (5 steps) as the twos lead up slightly and move 
        apart.  Lead up 5 steps.
A2:     Two-hand turn neighbour (5 steps) to finish facing down 
        with the man on the right.  Lead down 5 steps.
B:     (8 bars of 3 time):   Set in line to the (non-existent) 
        threes; ones (in the middle of the line) cross down and 
        cast up (twos move in).  Ones “Hole in the Wall” cross 
        (6 steps); ones cast as the twos wait and then lead up.


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