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When Laura Smiles

longways duple minor

A1   1s lead down the center, turn alone; 
     lead back to place, turn single up.
A2   2s repeat A1, starting up center.
B    Starting with partner, 2 changes of right and left; 
     partner R-shoulder gypsy; circle L; partner 2-hand turn 1/2.

Music: ??


Source: Orly Krassner, 2000; CDSS News #164


When Laura Smiles

Duple minor longways, 3/4, G Major CDSS News #164, January/February 2002.

Dance by Orly Krasner; tune by Phillip Rosseter from A Booke of Ayres (1601).

  A1 1-4    1st couple lead down the center, turn towards
            each other and lead back.
     5-6    1st couple turn single away (man left, woman
  A2 1-6    2nd couple repeat Al, moving up the center to
  B  1-4    Two changes of rights and lefts, starting with
     5-7    Partners gypsy right (9 counts).
     8-11   Circle four.
     12-13  Partners two-hand turn halfway.

NOTES Al, A2 1-4 Use only two bars for leading down, turning to lead back in time to do the turn single in original places. The opening (A music) has all the elegance of a court dance. It is the second part of the dance which has been ingeniously choreographed to perfectly reflect the tension and resolution of the musical phrase. This is done by providing a beautiful arc, starting with the two slow changes of right and left, into the gypsy in the next three-bar phrase of music, and resolving in the circle four. Very well done and very satisfying to do.

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