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(PLAYFORD - 1698)

Longways, duple minor 3/2 (AAB)

   A1  1-4    1st M: set R&L to 2nd L(1-2); then turn 2nd M RH once (3-4)
       5-6    1st M: turn sngl L back to place
       7-8    1st Cpl, with prntr: Back to back L Sh
   A2  1-4    1st L: set R&L to 2nd M (1-2); then turn 2nd L LH once (3-4)
       5-6    1st L: turn sngl R (of L) back to place
       7-8    1st Cpl: Back to back R Sh 
   B   1-2    1st Cpl: cross RSh & cast in 2nd place (2nd meet & lead up)
       3-4    1st Cpl: Back to back R Sh while 2nd do a cloverleaf turn up
       5-6    1st Cpl: ½ Fig. 8 up through while 2nd cpl casts in 2nd place 
              & lead up again (progressed and proper)
       7-8    All: turn prntr 2H once round


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