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(PLAYFORD - 1698)
Longways, duple minor 3/2 (AAB)

   A1  1-4    1st M: set R&L to 2nd L(1-2); then turn 2nd M RH once (3-4)
       5-6    1st M: turn sngl L back to place
       7-8    1st Cpl, with prntr: Back to back L Sh
   A2  1-4    1st L: set R&L to 2nd M (1-2); then turn 2nd L LH once (3-4)
       5-6    1st L: turn sngl R (of L) back to place
       7-8    1st Cpl: Back to back R Sh 
   B   1-2    1st Cpl: cross RSh & cast in 2nd place (2nd meet & lead up)
       3-4    1st Cpl: Back to back R Sh while 2nd do a cloverleaf turn up
       5-6    1st Cpl: ½ Fig. 8 up through while 2nd cpl casts in 2nd place 
              & lead up again (progressed and proper)
       7-8    All: turn prntr 2H once round


Westminster Hall is the oldest building on the Parliamentary estate. What makes it such an astonishing building is not simply its great size and the magnificence of its roof, but its central role in British history. In and around the Hall, grew up the major institutions of the British state: Parliament, the law courts and various government offices.

Closely involved in the life of the nation since the 11th century, a journey through the Hall's past is a journey through 900 fascinating years of our history.

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