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Welsh Rabbit

Form: longways Music: 6 x 32 - “Welsh Rabbit” Thompson 1750

A1  1-8	1stC set R & L;
          1stC cross passing R sh, 
          move down outside 2ndC (who move up),
         1stC turn each other half-way round (or 1.5 times),
         finishing in 2nd place proper.

A2  1-8	2ndC repeat A1.

B1  1-2	The two M lead through between the two W,
         (who move across the set outside them);
    3-4	The two M 2h turn each other half-way
          WHILE the two W do the same;
    5-8	Repeat 1-4 back to places - the W leading between the M.

B2  1-4	1stC lead through the 2ndC,
          and cast back to places
    5-8	1stC & 2ndC (partners facing) 3 changes of a R & L
           giving hands in passing.
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