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Welch March

Form: longways, duple minor Wright 1740 Music: “Welch March” 32b

A1 1-4	1stM turns 2ndW with Rh,
          turns his partner with the Lh; 
   5-8	1stC lead down through 2ndC and
          cast back to places.

A2 1-4	All set forward to partners,
          turn single away;
   5-8	2h turn partners once round.

B1 1-8	1stC cast out (2ndC moving up),
          go down the outside past two couples,
          meet & lead up the middle past two couples,
          cast into 2nd place.

B2 1-4	1stC & 2ndC circle L once round;
   5-8	1stC lead up & cast back
          WHILE 2ndC move down & lead up,
          all turning single
          (1stM & 2ndW to R, 2ndM & 1stW to L),
          into progressed places.
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