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Well Done Jack

Jig 8×32
3 Couples Longways


1-8   1C, 2C dance back-to-back; turn  partners by the R 1-1/2 times.
9-16  1C, 2C dance back-to-back; dance 1/2  R's & L's.
17-24 1C, 2C, 3C set twice; turn partners by  the R.
25-32 1C dance down between 3C, cast up,  dance up between 2C, cast to 2nd place.

Or another way:

Partners do-si-do
Partners turn two hands once and half: end facing neighbor
Neighbors do-si-do
Neighbors turn two hands once and half: end facing partner
Two changes right and lefts(to original places)
Set to your partner
All turn single right, changing places with neighbor: 
    1st woman cast down, 2nd man up, 1st man and 
    2nd woman turn single up and down through middle
1st couple lead down through new couple and cast back
Partners turn two hands
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