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(5 couples longways)
How many bars? 48 * 5

   A1 Lines fwd and back, then C1 with  C2, C3 with C4 do RH star to
      place,    while C5 does RH turn once round
   A2 Lines fwd and back,  stars and turn as before only LH
   B1 C1 gallop down and back
   B2 C1 cast down to "bottom" (not TOO FAR)
      others follow. C1 make arch for other to
      go through.
   C1 then face up, rest face down
      Dip and dive. Ends always DIP, rest take their cue from
      ends. Finish when C1 is at bottom, others one position up
      from last start (i.e., position at start of dip and dive).

Music: ??

Recordings: ??

Source: ??

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