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3 couples, C2 improper
Pat Shaw (ref??)
I found no really satisfactory videos of this dance, which can be challenging because it is progressive, and demands that one be able to count to 1 AND a half. Failing to turn either half or 1.5 messes up the whole set.

 A  All up a double and back, repeat
 B1 Diagonal changes
    1 and 2 on M side, 2 and 3 on W side, set and change places
    All turn new partner 1.5 times (Make sure it is 1 and a HALF,
    or dance fails)
 B2 repeat B1
 A  siding
 B1 and B2
 A  arming
 B1 and B2

At end of each B1 and B2 pair, each person has moved 2 places counter-clockwise round the set (hence 1 gender position). Repeat dance twice more (music from Bare Necessities has 6 rounds, or twice through the complete dance)

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