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Waltham Abbey

Playford in 1697.
Interpreted by Charles Bolton in 1992
longways proper

Video: (rather awkwardly danced)

A1     W1, followed by partner, cast down to couple 2's place improper and 
       face up; couple 2 wait 4 beats, lead up, and tum in to face down. 
       All are now facing neighbour on the line. 
       Neighbours back to back Rsh.
       W2, followed by partner, cast down to home place improper as 
       couple 1 lead up. All face partner and back to back Rsh.

B1     Couple 1 cross Rsh and move down a place as 
       couple 2 half two-hand turn (4) and lead up (4), 
       to progressed places. All face up and begin a double figure 8,
       couple 2 casting to begin (skip step).
       Finish the double figure 8, ending back in progressed places, 
       still facing up.
       Couple 1 lead up and cast back as couple 2 cast and lead up 
       (walking step).

Notes by Charles Bolton:
1. The original title was'Walton Abbeld. I have involved couple 2 throughout. I have omitted the lead down in 82.
2. The tune was used by Cecil Sharp to accompany “My Lady's Couranf” (orig. “Lady Mary's Courant': Dancing-Master, Volume 2).

Waltham Abbey, Essex, dates from pre-Norman times, having been founded by King Harold Godwinson (Harold II). It was a favorite stopping-place for the gentry who hunted Waltham Forest, and was the last abbey to be dissolved in England, in 1540. Subsequently it was the location of a Royal Gunpowder Mill.

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