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 Wakefield Hunt       -       Triple Minor : With Triple Progression
   A1 ( 1 - 8)        1st man casts down below 2nd man, sets to 3rd lady, then he turns her two hands.
   A2 ( 1 - 8)        1st lady casts down below 2nd lady, sets to 3rd man, then she turns him two hands.
   B1 ( 1 - 8)        Hands six, slipped circle left and right.
   B2 ( 1 - 8)        1st couple gates down through 3rd couple.    1st couple gates up through 2nd couple.
   C1 ( 1 - 8)        1st and 3rd couples right hand star.    1st and 2nd couples left hand star.
   C2 ( 1 - 4)        1st and 3rd couple hey three changes starting with partner.
               ( 5 - 8)        1st couple cast below next    2nd couple below who move up.

From John Garden:

Wakefield Hunt

   Thompson’s Compleat, vol IV 1780
   Triple minor. 
   A1    With 4 counts The 1st Gent: cast off into 2M’s place as he moves up, with 4 counts set to 3W & with 8 counts 2h turn the 3r Lady
   A1    With 4 counts 1st Lady cast off into 2W’s place as he moves up, with 4 counts set to 3M & with 8 counts 2h turn the 3d. Gent.
   B1     With 8 counts hands 6 round to left and, with another 8 counts, then circle back right
   B2     1s Lead thro’ the 3s at bottom & cast up into middle, then lead thro’ the 2s at top & cast off back into middle.
   C1    With 8 counts r.hs hands 4 across at bottom quite round then with 8 counts star back on l.h.
   C2    With 16 counts right & left at top starting r.h. to partner across set, taking 4 counts for each side of square till home.
   C1&2 not as in modern ECD version where you circle below then above and r & l below.
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