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Wakefield Hunt

Thompson of 1779.
Interpreted by Tom Cook in 1987
Triple Minor : With Triple Progression

A1  1-8   1st man casts down below 2nd man, sets to 3rd lady, 
          then he turns her two hands.
A2  1-8   1st lady casts down below 2nd lady, sets to 3rd man, 
          then she turns him two hands.
B1  1-8   Hands six, slipped circle left and right.
B2  1-8   1st couple gates down through 3rd couple.
          1st couple gates up through 2nd couple.
C1  1-8   1st and 3rd couples right hand star.
          1st and 2nd couples left hand star.
C2  1-4   1st and 3rd couple hey three changes starting with partner.
    5-8   1st couple cast below next
          2nd couple below who move up.

From John Garden:

Wakefield Hunt

Thompson’s Compleat, vol IV 1780 Triple minor.

A1    With 4 counts The 1st Gent: cast off into 2M’s place as he moves up, 
      with 4 counts set to 3W & with 8 counts 2h turn the 3r Lady
A1    With 4 counts 1st Lady cast off into 2W’s place as he moves up, 
      with 4 counts set to 3M & with 8 counts 2h turn the 3d. Gent.
B1    With 8 counts hands 6 round to left and, with another 8 counts, 
      then circle back right
B2    1s Lead thro’ the 3s at bottom & cast up into middle, 
      then lead thro’ the 2s at top & cast off back into middle.
C1    With 8 counts r.hs hands 4 across at bottom quite round 
      then with 8 counts star back on l.h.
C2    With 16 counts right & left at top starting r.h. to partner across set, 
      taking 4 counts for each side of square till home.
C1&2  not as in modern ECD version where you circle below
      then above and r & l below.

NB Best with multiples of 3 Co's in sets.

This jig, was also entered into the 1787 music copybook of English musician John Shepherd, and the turn of the 19th century music manuscript of British army fifer John Buttery, originally from Lincolnshire. Buttery served twenty years or more in the army and returned home, but later in life emigrated to Ontario, bringing his music manuscript with him.
Wakefield is a city in West Yorkshire, on the River Calder. The Wakefield Hunt, however, was given up in 1812.

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