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Vivaldi in Paradise

Duple minor improper longways (Garry Roodman, Band of Friends)

   A1  1-4   C1 lead through C2 and cast back
       5-8   C1 QUICK lead up through couple above
             and turn back to place
   A2  1-4   C2 lead up through C1 and cast back
       5-8   C2 QUICK lead down and turn back to place
   B         With Nbr and next in line, part hey for 3 (pass
             R, loop L, back to Nbr), then gypsy R with 
             Nbr once to progressed position
   C   1-4   With own minor set, M change on corners, W
             change on corners, face Nbr along line and
       5-8   Pass Nbr by R and 2HT partner.
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