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Virgin of 15 Years

longways Duple Minor
This is an alternative to Would You Have A Young Virgin
to the tune Poor Robin's Maggot or Poor Richard's Maggot (Beggar's Opera)
Music:?? Belshazar's Feast, Mr. Kynaston's Famous Dance, Track ??

   A1  1-4  C1 cross and go below to 2nd place, C2 moving up
       5-8  C1 1/2 fig. 8 up through C2
   A2  1-8  C2 repeat movement
   B1  1-2  Partners change places
       3-8  Clap and circle 4 hands round
   B2  1-4  Partners back to back
       5-8  2 changes R&L (??start with partner)
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