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The Upright Man

For John Ramsay
Choreography: Sharon Green, 2009 (revised 2012)
Tune: Upright Man , Maro Avakian, 1999
Dances from the Greenery
Tune: UprightMan
Duple Minor Longways

A1 1-4	1st Corners R-shoulder chevron 
           (2nd Corners wait 2 bars, cast into Neighbor's place)
   5-8	Partners R-shoulders round 	 	 
A2 1-4	1st Corners [now in 2nd Corners' places] L-shoulder chevron 
           (2nd Corners wait, cast)
   5-8	Partners L-shoulders round 	 	 
B1 1-2	Partners set Right and Left
   3-4	Ones cast down, Twos lead up INTO
   5-8	Ones gate new Twos up & around into line of 4 facing up 	 	 
B2 1-4	Line of 4 lead up & fall back, reforming the set
  5-8	Partners 2-hand turn (cross-hands hold) or swing, ending proper

Alternate ending for double progression version:

B2 1-4	Line of 4 lead up & fall back
   5-6	In line of 4, all set R&L
   7-8	Ones cast down, Twos moving up

Chevron [movement designed by Fried de Metz Herman]

R- (or L-) shoulder Chevron Start with a R- (or L-) shoulder Back to Back, ending 1 place to the R (or L) from where you started

* As recorded on Waltzing in the Trees, in a medley with Morpeth Lasses, the tune is not quite right for dancing The Upright Man. Video:

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