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Upon a Summer's Day

Source: Playford (1651), TPB.
Adapted by Cecil Sharp in 1912.
Setting: A longways set of 3 couples.

  1-4    Double forward (up the hall), double back,
  5-8    set and turn single.
  9-16   Repeat 1-8.
  17-20  Take hands in lines, double forward (towards the other line)
         and back,
  21-24  bottom two men and bottom two women raise their joined hands
         to form an arch, while the first man and first woman go
         down the set in the center, go out through the arch on their
         own side, and meet at the bottom.
  25-40  Repeat 17-24 twice, until all are in their original places.
  1-16   Siding.
  17-40  Repeat chorus.
  1-16   Arming.
  17-40  Repeat chorus.


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