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Tythe Pig

The Dancing Master Vol. 1 9th ed. 1695.
Duple minor proper
Tune: Tythe Pig

   A1    The 1. man back to back with the 2. wo.
   A2    The 1. wo. back to back with the 2. man
   B   Long 10 bar
         Facing neighbour Clap own hands once (,) with sides R once, own and sides L
           (clap R, clap L for short) 
        then with 4 counts all four turn S. by turning the long way (out, ¾) 
        to face partner then clap both hands with your Partner once and as you 
        do so with next 3 counts cast off, then with 8 counts lead through and 
        cast off again.


Purcell, Playford 1695, 6/4, 2 steps per bar

A1 1-4  1st corners back to back
A2 1-4  2nd corners back to back
B  1-2  face neighbours and clap own hands twice, neighbours twice
   2-4  All turn single away from neighbour
   5-6  Face partners and clap as above
   7-8  1st couple cast, 2s lead up
   9-10  C1 lead up and cast again, 2s stand still

From John Garden: The tune is an adaptation of one used in Dryden’s King Arthur.


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