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Tythe Pig

   The Dancing Master Vol. 1 9th ed. 1695.
   Duple minor proper
   A1    The 1. man back to back with the 2. wo.
   A2    The 1. wo. back to back with the 2. man
   Long 10 bar B  
           Facing neighbour Clap own hands once (,) with sides R once, own and sides L
           (clap R, clap L for short) 
           then with 4 counts all four turn S. by turning the long way (out, ¾) 
           to face partner then clap both hands with your Partner once and as you 
           do so with next 3 counts cast off, then with 8 counts lead through and 
           cast off again.
   From John Garden:
   The tune is an adaptation of one used in Dryden’s King Arthur. 6 bars are added at the 
   beginning of the original B music and the last two bars are not repeated as in the original.
   In the dance I have opted for a slightly different B part phrasing to that suggested 
   by Nicholas Broadbridge and Marjorie Fennessy in their Purcell’s Dancing Master. 
   There the dancers clap own hands before clapping partner’s…. take one bar and the 
   first cast just one bar, clapping with corner taking twice as long as that with 
   partner and has the first cast given only half the time of the second cast off.  
   Neither is really ideal, as the clapping with partner is much shorter than with 
   neighbour (unlike, for example, in Dezais Les Mariners, .etc… but it does seems 
   to follow the musical phrase (the turn single contained to two bars of similar music). 
   By having the partner clap on the first beat of the B part’s 5th bar, you don’t 
   take too much time from the first caste and you can consider both bars 5-6 and 9-10 
   casting bars – thus the descending melody.
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