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Twenty Years After, or Choice Callers

Dedicated to all the choice callers who draw us into the dance.
Choreography: Sharon Green, 2008
Tune: Twenty Years After, (traditional)
Duple Minor Longways Improper

A1	1-4	Star right once round, easing out into
 	5-8	With the next neighbor, L-sh gypsy once round into
A2	1-4	With original neighbor, R-sh gypsy once round
 	5-8	In that original set, R-h across once round 	 	 
B1	1-4	[Face partner] Partners, Back-to-Back
 	 	[on last beat, flip, turning R to face out of set]
 	5-8	Partners, Face to Face [end still facing out] 	 	 
B2	1-2	Neighbors, lead out
 	3-4	Neighbors wheel [men backing] to reform set
 	 	[All now progressed]
 	5-8	Partners, set and turn single

Teaching tip:
while waiting out at the top and bottom, do not cross over automatically. Instead, stay put to gypsy L-sh once round with new neighbor along the line, then R gypsy halfway to change places with your partner. This leaves the bottom couple proper and the top couple improper, ready to enter the dance in their new roles as Twos and Ones, respectively.

(It is also fine to cross over immediately and simply enjoy your L-sh gypsy with whoever comes your way. Likewise, the dance can be performed gender-free by substituting “[dancers on the left backing]” for “[men backing]” in B2, bars 3-4).

Tune called Maxwell's Rant

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