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THE 29th of MAY

(DM 1689, duple minor, 2/2, count 14??)
(2 steps per bar except for corner change)
Tune: THE 29th of MAY

Part 1
 A1  1-8  Whole poussette (M1 pushes)
 B   (1) 1st corners change 4 running steps
     (2) 2nd corners change 
     (3) hands 4 slip steps left
        (i.e. in the direction you are moving)
     4-6  hands 4 six slip steps to place to right
     7-8  C1 cast to 2nd place, C2 move up (4 steps)
Part 2 (with new second couple)
 A1  1-4 1st corners fall back, fwd D and turn back to back
     5-8  2nd corners same
 B1  1-4  All hands 4 backwards, circle 1.5 times (onto wrong side)
     5-8  Turn over Rt shoulder, and pass partner by Rt to own side
Part 3
 A   1-4  C1 cross, cast, finish between C2 facing up
     5-8  all up a double and back
 B 1      men honour contrary  woman (by your side)
     2    men honour partners
     3-4  Contraries turn once on side
     5-8  Partners turn to own side (C1 1.5, C2 1 time)

The 29th of May

Longways triple minor

Part I
 A1   8  First and second couples half-pousette (First man pulling).
 A2   8  Finish pousette.
 B    8  First corners change; second corners change.lead up.
      8  Hands four half-way; First couple cast as second lead up.
Part II
 A1   8  First corners fall back, go forward, and turn over right shoulder to
           stand back to back
 A2   8  Second corners do the same
 B    4  Back ring to right, half-way (all are improper).
      8  Lead neighbor out and turn, lead back.
      4  Change with partner to proper place.
   Part III
   A1   8  First couple cross, go outside, and come in between second couple
   to  face up in line of four.
   A2   8  All up a double and back, first couple drawing second couple into line  above.
   B    4  Honor neighbor; honor partner.
        6  Turn neighbor both hands.
        6  Turn partner both hands; first couple half turn, second couple whole  turn.

The Twenty Ninth of May


   1st and 2nd couples whole poussette (first man pushing, 2nd pulling).
   1st corners cross, 2nd corners cross; hands-4 half way,
   1st couple cast down while 2nd couple move up.
   1st corners fall back a double, come forward and stand back to back; 2nd corners the same.
   Back ring half way (clockwise), lead out a double with neighbour; 
   turn and lead back, cross over with partner.
   1st couple cross over and cast down below twos, into a line of four facing up; 
   lead up a double and back, twos falling into progressed place.
   Nod to neighbour, nod to partner, two hand turn neighbour once, 
   then partner once (2nd couple) or half (1st couple).
   Note: each part of this dance is progressive.


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