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THE 29th of MAY (DM 1689, duple minor, 2/2, count 14??)

      (2 steps per bar except for corner change)
   Part 1
   A1  1-8  Whole poussette (M1 pushes)
   B (1) 1st corners change 4 running steps
     (2) 2nd corners change 
     (3) hands 4 slip steps left
        (i.e. in the direction you are moving)
     4-6  hands 4 six slip steps to place to right
     7-8  C1 cast to 2nd place, C2 move up (4 steps)
   Part 2 (with new second couple)
   A1 1-4 1st corners fall back, fwd D and turn back to back
      5-8  2nd corners same
   B1 1-4  All hands 4 backwards, circle 1.5 times (onto wrong side)
      5-8  Turn over Rt shoulder, and pass partner by Rt to own side
   Part 3
   A  1-4  C1 cross, cast, finish between C2 facing up
      5-8  all up a double and back
   B 1   men honour contrary  woman (by your side)
     2   men honour partners
     3-4  Contraries turn once on side
     5-8  Partners turn to own side (C1 1.5, C2 1 time)

The 29th of May Longways triple minor

   Part I
   A1   8  First and second couples half-pousette (First man pulling).
   A2   8  Finish pousette.
   B    8  First corners change; second corners change.lead up.
        8  Hands four half-way; First couple cast as second lead up.
   Part II
   A1   8  First corners fall back, go forward, and turn over right shoulder to
           stand back to back
   A2   8  Second corners do the same
   B    4  Back ring to right, half-way (all are improper).
        8  Lead neighbor out and turn, lead back.
        4  Change with partner to proper place.
   Part III
   A1   8  First couple cross, go outside, and come in between second couple
   to  face up in line of four.
   A2   8  All up a double and back, first couple drawing second couple into line  above.
   B    4  Honor neighbor; honor partner.
        6  Turn neighbor both hands.
        6  Turn partner both hands; first couple half turn, second couple whole  turn.

The Twenty Ninth of May Longways

   1st and 2nd couples whole poussette (first man pushing, 2nd pulling).
   1st corners cross, 2nd corners cross; hands-4 half way,
   1st couple cast down while 2nd couple move up.
   1st corners fall back a double, come forward and stand back to back; 2nd corners the same.
   Back ring half way (clockwise), lead out a double with neighbour; 
   turn and lead back, cross over with partner.
   1st couple cross over and cast down below twos, into a line of four facing up; 
   lead up a double and back, twos falling into progressed place.
   Nod to neighbour, nod to partner, two hand turn neighbour once, 
   then partner once (2nd couple) or half (1st couple).
   Note: each part of this dance is progressive.
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