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Turning of the Year 1998 duple minor, longways

Dance by Mike Richardson

   Part        Bars        Description
   A        8        Double figure eight (1's start crossing down between the 2's).
                   2's end the figure by crossing down, but they maintain eye contact.
         4       1's advance towards partner and retire WHILE 2's fall back then advance to partner.
           4        Mirror gypsy with neighbor (1's start going down the center)
   B        4        Mirror allemande with neighbor (same path as the gypsy)
           8        Ones, taking hand with partner and acting as a unit: Hey for "three" 
                   across the set (1's pass left shoulders with W 2 to start)
         4       Mirror back-to-back with neighbor (1's in the center to start) 1+1/2 to 
                   progress to next couple.
   Notes: Suggested music: "My Cape Breton Home" by Jerry Holland, played AB. Music and
   dance published in CDSS News #152 (Jan/Feb 2000).
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