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(sp. also Triskadekaphobia)

Duple Minor improper
Kirston Koths CDSS Newsletter 1989

   A1 Nbrs balance and swing
   A2 Men allemande L 1.5; partners swing, end facing down
   B1 Down in line, Center 2 turn under joined arms, away from each other 
      to face up; others joind hands behind them. This seems awkward, but
      works unless there are serious height differences. Do it gently!
      All 4 back up hall
      Center 2 back up under arch of other 2 to form 4 leaf clover
   B2 Circle clover 1.25 to L
      Star through and pass through to next couple, passing R shoulder:
      Each couple has man's RH joined with woman's LH, so they just
      change sides across set before passing other couple. or
music -

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