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Trip to Woodstock

, Don Bell, CDSS News, November/December 2001.

Tune: Thoinot Arbeau, Branle de l'Official“, Orchesographie, 1589. “Ding Dong Merrily on High”, George Ratcliffe Woodward

Alternative tune: “Mr Ganiford's Delight”

1-4  Partners set R and L and turn single

5-8    All four set R and L into the center and turn single

1-4  Ones cross and go below Twos move up

5-8    Ones face down half figure of eight down trough new twos

     Coming back to original Twos and Twos gating Ones all the way around

       Now Ones gated by new Twos all the way around

This dance was written on the occasion of a trip to Woodstock, New York,

The B part represents a sleigh ride down a long winding hill.

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