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Trip to Panama

Brooke Friendly and Chris Sackett 2003
Longways for Four Couples, Four Couples Active
4×32 Reel

1-6 All chase (no-hands circle) CW with #1L and #4R leading their file across
    halfway round set and up or down the opposite side and into 2 formation of offset
    stars on  opposite side with #1L inside the set of #3R place. #4R inside the set of
    #2L place
7-8 All set in this star formation
9-14 R-hands across three quarters round into chase CW to home — same leaders
     unwind and go across the set and up of down their own side, others following to
     and home in lines facing across 
15-16 All set with hands in line
17-20 #1L down the middle while #1R down the outside behind R-file, 1s cross passing
      R-shoulder at bottom (others step up on bars 19-20)
21-24 #1L up the outside behind R-file while #1R up the middle, 1s cross passing L-
      shoulder to end at the top facing out
25-30 Is turn over top shoulder while setting to face down in middle of set (25-26), lead
      down (inside ‘hands joined) middle of set to the bottom (27-28), turn over outside
      shoulder while setting to end facing in middle of set (29-30) while 2s, 3s, and 4s
      do the first 6 bars of a 3-couple poussette
31-32 All set with hands in line while retiring to progressed place
End3,4,2, 1
Repeat with new top couple

Teaching point:
The first figure (bars 1-8) represents the Panamanian flag. L-file dancers form a star at bottom of R-file and R-file dancers form a star at top of L-file (see diagram on page 57).
Written in honor of Brooke's daughter Kate on her setting off after graduating from high school to live with a family and work in an elementary school in Panama for nine months through the exchange Program. The first figure represents the Panamanian flag, the next figure represents tugboals in the canal, and the final figure the locks of the canal,

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