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Trip to Ottawa

(Kathy Stevens, Ottawa 2000 to tune Flowers of Edinburgh)

(3 couple sets or triple minor)

A1  (1-2)  1st C cast one place.
    (3-4)  1st C set to each other
    (5-8)  1st C set fwd and turn S to place
A2  (1-2)  1st C cast, M up, W down to lines of 3 across
    (3-8)  1st C set as in A1 (3-8)
B1  (1-6)  Heys  for 3 across the dance, 1st C give Rt.-sh to person on their Rt., 
           ending by 1st C
    (7-8)  giving Rt-sh to partner to move to other end for 
B2  (1-6)  Heys for 3 across the dance, M with 3rd C, W with 2nd C
    (7-8)  1st C finish dancing outside 3rd C to bottom, 3rd C moving up..

Note: (JN) The method for starting the heys may be awkward and need adjustment.

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