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A Trip to Highgate

A triple minor longways dance from Thompson, Twenty Four Country Dance, 1777.

   A1 1st couple Set 3 to the right and left with the 2.d Lady 
      while coming forward and taking hands in circle of 3 and 
      turn with 2 step-change-tavelling steps then with the 2d 
      Gent.n set to right and left and turn
   A2 lead down the middle, up again & cast off
   B1 hands 6 quite round to the left and back
   B2 1s lead tho' the bottom by going beween 3s and casting back 
      into middle and top by going up beween 2s then casting back into middle.

John Garden's commentary:

In the Apted, The Playford Ball, P&P1995 versions the problem of not having enough time in A1 to set to the right and left and circle 3 hands left all in 8 counts is solved by having dancers set only to the right, then using 6 slip steps to turn the circle.

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