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Longways, duple minor 4/4 (AABB)

   A1  1-2    1st Crn: Cast L & move CCW outside to crn's place (8 steps)
       3-4    1st Crn: back to back RSh & fall back to R (prntr's place) while 2nd Crn cast R to nghbr's place
   A2  1-2    2nd Crn (at 1st Crn's place): Same as A1 (progress & improper)
   B    1-2    1st Cpl: lead up & turn inwards (and downwards) to face our to the wall while 
               2nd Cpl cast dwn & turn inwards (and upwards) to wall; 
               All with ngbr: lead to the wall (4st)  
       3-4    All: turn inwards, lead in, cross prntr R Sh & turn R (home)
       5       All: Crcl 4, ½ way round
       6       1st M (with H) lead prnt up (crossing in front) into her original place 
               as he to the same while 2nd Cpl cast down in 2nd place
       7-8    1st Cpl: come frwrd & cast dwn while 2nd Cpl: turn 2H. ½ way & lead up
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