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The Touchstone

A triple minor longways dance from Thompson, Twenty Four Country Dances, 1780.
The video has 6 women dancing, with the camera at the bottom of the set.

A1 Hey contrary sides by C1 crossing to start a hey 
   with the opposite line (M1 gives to W3 and W1 gives to M3)
A2 Then same on own sides by C1, crossing back to own side between C2, M1 
   giving to M3 and W1 giving to W3.
B1 Hands 6 quite round and back
B2 C1 Lead thro' the C3 and cast up to finish in middle place, then Lead thro' 
      the top and cast off to finish back in middle (progressed place)

Both the Apted book and The Playford Ball has entirely different B1&2 (involving leads, casts and 2hs) and the movie P&P has a different B2 involving setting and crossing.

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