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The Princess

Longways duple for as many as will; in one part (11th Ed., 1701)



A1  1-4  M1, M2, W1, W2 fall back a double
         and move forward a double to places, turning single.
    5-6	 C1 leads down into 2nd place, 
         C2 casting up into first place.
    6–8	 Partners set.
A2  1–8  All that again to places, C2 leading down.
B1  1–4  M1, joining both hands with his partner, falls back, 
         pulling his partner after him, bears to his right 
         and falls into second place (improper); while 
         W2, joining both hands with her partner, falls back, 
         bears to her right and falls into first place (improper).
    5–8  C1 leads up between C2 and casts off into 2nd place 
         (r.s.) (improper).
B2  1–6  C1 and C2 circular-hey, four changes, partners facing
    7–8  Partners turn half-way round and change places (r.s.) 
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