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English Folk Dance LS E-15 Contra or longways sets of four couples
Meas. (2 counts per meas.; i.e., 1-8 = 16 counts)

    1- 8 C1 lead down. Cross at bottom and come up opposite side to other's place.
    9-16 W1 leads men round women's line
   17-24 M1 lead women around men's line
   25-40 C1 strip willow to bottom, starting with partner
   Repeat for each of the three remaining couples.


Simple but popular country dance with its origin possibly in Ireland. The tune is Irish and known from at least the 1820s.
It seems to have been a popular folk dance collected from areas of Scotland in the early 20th C. The ‘gander’ reference is derogatory, intimating Thady is of ‘loose character’, a flirt, and this is represented in the dance when the top lady beckons the men to follow her in a merry dance. The dance also includes a simple strip the willow finale.
(It was erroneously associated with ‘The Irish Trot’ of the turn of the 17th/18th century and recorded as danced at a wedding at the ‘Rocks’ in Sydney in 1803, but it is now known the Irish Trot is a totally different dance of triple minor progression as distinct from the simple more modern country dance progression of Thady.)

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