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Taxing Time

longways for four couples G. Ticknor

Tune: The Dell's Awa' wi' the Exciseman (Traditional) ABABX4

  A  1st man change place with 1st woman right hands, with
     2nd woman left hands and with 2nd man right hands. At
     the same time, 4th woman do the same with partner, 3rd
     man and 3rd woman. All face partner and set.
  B  Heys for 4 on the sides, partners passing right
     shoulders to begin. At end of hey, 1st and 2nd couples
     face left wall, 3rd and 4th couples face right wall (3rd
     and 4th couples are improper).
  A  All take hands in promenade hold. 1st couple lead whole
     set (4th and 3rd couple follow 2nd couple) to the left,
     down the men's side to the foot and then up the center
     (1s stop at the top). 4th & 3rd couples are improper.
  B  Upper three couples (1 s, 2s, & 4s) circle left 1/2 way.
     Lower three couples (2s, 1s, & 3s) circle left 1/2 way.
     (Order is 4, 3, 1, 2)
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