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The Tambourine Dance

formation:LW, level:Simple, tempo:Moderate, mood:Stately,
choreographer: Walsh year:1742, meter 2/2, key: G
Tune: Tambourine Dance

A1 	1‐4 1st‐corners set R & L, turn single  5‐8 1st‐corners 2H turn
A2 	1‐4 2nd‐corners set R & L, turn single  5‐8 2nd‐corners 2H turn
B1 	1‐2 all balance‐back (facing partner)
	3‐4 partners cross‐right,  turn and face in
	5‐6 all balance‐back (facing partner)
	7‐8 partner cross‐right (1st‐cpl face out, 2nd‐cpl face in)
B2 	1‐2 1st‐couple travel‐down outside into 2nd‐place,  2nd‐pl lead‐up
	3‐6 1st‐cpl half‐figure‐8 up through 2nd‐cpl
	7‐8 1st‐couple two‐hand‐turn halfway
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