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Sybils Roundabout

Composed by Les Wootton and published in English Dance & Song, Spring 1972.
Large circle lady on the right
Any 32 bar jig.

A1  1-4    All to the centre and back.
    5-8    All to the centre again, ladies fall back, gents turn to face partners.
A2  1-4    All do-si-do partner.
    5-8    All chasse 2 steps to the left and back moving into one large ring, 
           men facing out with partners on their left.
B1  1-4    All join hands and balance forward and back, turn partner œ way with left hand.
    5-8    Balance forward and back, turn 2nd lady œ way with right hand.
B2  1-4    Allemande left 3rd lady.
    5-8    Go back and swing 2nd lady - finish the swing in large circle to start again.

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