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Sweet Cecily

   Tune: Malvern Walk   by Elvyn Blomfield
   Longways set, even number of couples, couple facing couple.
   A.l         Working diagonally left, along the set - forward a double, fall
           back, set to the same person and turn single to change places.
           Dancers with no diagonal couple facing at the end of the set do
           the set and turn single changing with partners.
   A.2         Repeat the movements of A.l with the person directly opposite (all
           now have someone with whom to dance) to progressed places, one
           place round the set as in "Bucksaw Reel".
   B.1         Side with the person opposite. Side with partner.
   B.2         Arm right with "corner" (ie. person next to you on the other side
           to your partner), and arm left with partner.
   Note: the "corner" is always the same person
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