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Summer Circle

Sicilian circle,
Fried de Metz Herman 1996
1stC in the inside circle, 2ndC in the outside circle.

A1 1-4   Rt-h star once round.
   5-8   With Nbrs. in opposite circle, Rt-sh B to B.
A2 1-8   Repeat with Lt-hands.
B1 1-2   Ptns. join both hands for straight poussette, We. going fwd, 1stC c-c-wise, 
         2ndC cl-w, ending opp. next C.
   3-4   Ptns. balance.
   5-8   Ptns. swing. End proper facing new opposite C.
B2 1-8   Ladies chain over & back, Men casting Lt to begin.

Rob's Leap by Chris Dewhurst
no music

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