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Saint Martin's Lane

Playford in 1696.
Adapted by Helwig in 1988, found in “The Playford Assembly”.
Proper triple minor, longways

Video (at OED's Trip to Ottawa! 2017):

Part   Bars   Description
A1      2     1st man cast down while 2nd man move up
        4     1st man and 3rd woman two-hand turn
        2     1st man cast up to original place while 2nd man move down
A2      8     1st woman repeat A1
B       2     1's lead down one place while 2's move up
        6     1's and 3's double figure eight, 1's leading down through the 3's
        6     1's and 2's double figure eight, 1's leading up through the 2's
        5     Partners two-hand turn

The tune was composed by Henry Purcell for the play “The Virtuous Wife”.

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