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Saint Martin's

2 couples facing
John Playford's 1651 book 'The English Dancing Master'.
Tune: St Martin's

   Part I
   A1 1-4 All forward a double, then two slips to left and back.
      5-8 All turn single twice:, first men to left, 
          women to right; then men right, women left.
   A2 1-8 All change places with opposite (1-4), 
          with partner (5-6), then all turn single (7-8).
   B1 1-2 Men fall back a double while women turn single.
      3-4 Men meet, take left-hands and turn half-way.
      5-8 Men turn opposite women right-hand once-and-a-half, skipping.
   B2 1-2 Women fall back a double while men turn single.
      3-4 Women meet, take left-hands and turn half-way.
      5-8 Partners turn right-hand once-and-a-half, skipping, 
          to end facing opposite.
   Part II
   A1 1-4 All balance back, forward, and change places with opposite.
      5-8 Partners set and turn single.
   A2 1-8 Repeat A1.
   B1 1-2 Men meet and stand face-to-face.
      3-4 Women the same.
      5-8 Circle four-hands around half-way, slipping (5-6), and all turn
   single (7-8).
   B2 1-8 Repeat B1, women meeting first. 
   Part III
   A1 1-2 All forward a double to meet, take opposite two-hands.
      3-4 All two slips away from partner and back.
      5-8 Men cast left followed by partner and return through 
          center to place, skipping.
   A2 1-4 All fall back a double (1-2), then partners change 
          places by right shoulder.
      5-8 Men back-to-back left shoulder and fall back into original 
          place. Immediately after men pass left, women back-to-back 
          right shoulder and fall into original place.
   B1 1-4 Men honor partners (1-2), women honor partners (3-4).
      5-8 All right hands-across once around.
   B2 1-4 Women honor partners, men honor partners.
      5-6 All left hands-across half-way; end in a line facing up,
          1st couple on right.
   7 8 All lead forward a double, and honor the Presence

Recording: Step Stately Track 11 (cassette B3)

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