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St. Giles Gate


Will Kemp's Entry into Norwich

Recording: Assembly Players, Old World - New Dances track 11

Longways Duple Minor

A1    Up a Double; Cast away from Partner ­ Face Down 
      Down a Double; Cast away from Partner ­ Face In
B1    Each step forward one step in turn: 
       M1, W2, M2, W1 (8) 
       (First Corners, Second Corners ­ Men going first) 
       All: Cast Right to Place (4); 
       Circle Left just one place (4)
B2    Current First Corners Cross; Second Corners Cross 
      Partner Two Hand Turn, adjusting into Progressed Places
      (These turns, approximately 1 3/4 round, appear to 
       start with couples along sides; C2 on ladies' side.)

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