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Gary Roodman
New England Contra for Four Couples
Improper Formation

A1 Taking hands along lines, all go forward and back
   Go forward again, pass through and turn individually,

A2 All balance partner, forward and back, by the RH,
   Half rights and lefts: Pull past partner by the right and.
   give left along the line (top two couples together,
   bottom two together). partner swing at the top and
   bottom; folks in the middle swing with the person
   coming to them along the line. End the swing
   facing into the center of the set, W on the right.
   [Should now be in a square. ]

Bl Head couples pass through, courtesy turn, and
   head W half-chain back.

B2 Head couples go out to the right and circle once
   around with side couples. Side couples arch, heads
   duck under and separate, and form new lines of
   four with the side couples. (partner should now be.
   across from each other again.)
MUSIC: “Swinging on a Gate” or any good 32-bar contra dance tune.

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