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(3 couples longways, Fallibrome c. 1750)

   A  1-8  W1 leads women round men
      9-16 M1 leads men round woment
   B  1-8  C1 lead down the middle and back
           cast to 2nd place, C2 moving up
      9-12 C1 and C3 4 hands round (Left?)
   A  1-8  Circular hay (grand chain)
           C1 and C3 face on sides, C2 face across top.
           6 changes, 1s and 3s one extra pass. C1 finish
           in bottom place (need to skip)
    Alternative: C1 and C2 4 changes of circular hay,
                 beginning with partners, and then slip to bottom

Recording: Step Stately, track 6 (A5 on cassette)

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