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SPARKLING EYES Du Mi Fried de Metz Herman 1986

   A1                Hands 4 L 1/2 way, partners 2 hands 1/2 turn; 
                   I st Co lead through Co below & cast back
   A2                Repeat A I, but 2nd Co lead down through & cast back: (all home)
   B         1-6        All balance back & forward to corner, 
                   then 1st corners Chevron Rsh* as 2nd
                   corners cast R into neighbour's place; (all are now progressed)
           7-12        All set forward R & L to corner, turn single R, 
                   & Rh across 1/2 way round;
           13-18        1/2 Poussette (1st Man & 2nd Wo forward), 
                   & partners 2 hands 1/2 turn.
               * Chevron Rsh - Back to back Rsh, but falling back one place to R.
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