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Spanish Jigg

1721 duple minor, longways
Playford in 1651. Adapted by Douglas and Helen Kennedy in 1929
Republished by Tom Morrison in 1978,

Part    Bars        Description
A1        4        1's set & cast down 1 place, 2's moving up
A2        4        2's, the same 
B1        4        1st corners turn 2 hands
B2        4        2nd corners, the same
C1        4        1's lead down center & turn
C2        4        1's skip back & cast down 1 place, 2's moving up
D1 & D2   8        1's full figure 8 up through 2's

(This video was recorded in Ottawa when David Smuckler ran a session “English to Contra” with the Ottawa Old Sod Contra group in March 2018.)

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