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Triple minor proper, waltz
Fried de Metz Herman, Measured Obsession, 1998


A1  1-2  Top couple, C1, near hands joined, lead down and take hands four with C3
         while C2  fall back with two single steps. 
    3-4  C1 and C3, keeping hands four, dance up one place while 2C move into
         3rd place.  
         5-8  C1 and C3 circle halfway to left then cross RSh with  partner while C2 at the
         bottom, turn RH once round.
A2  1-8  Repeat A1 from new places to end 2-3-1, all proper.  
B1  1-4  C1 lead up through top couple and cast off.  On 3-4, C3 move down with 
         two single steps. 
    5-8  All RSh gypsy with partner then loop left into....
B2  1-8  Heys for three across the dance:  L1 up with C2, M1 down with C3, passing
         LSh to begin.  Note: M1 & L1 touch left hands while passing through the
         middle at the beginning and halfway through the phrase.


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