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by Peggy Roe.

Reconstruction from
Longways Duple Minor 1 cpl improper
Music: Could use “Leah's Waltz”
Original: Silver Balls (use our recording with caution)

  A1 	(1-4)	Neighbor back-to-back
	(5-8)	Partner 2-hand turn - use the momentum to flow into…
  A2	(1-4)	Simultaneous half figure 8s (2s cast up, 1s cross down to start), 
                end with 1s proper, 2s improper.
	(5-8)	Circle left once around, flow into….
  B1	(1-4)	Half pousette clockwise (gents forward) flow into…
	(5-8)	Simultaneous Mad Robin (ladies forward)
  B2	(1-4)	Ladies hole-in-the-wall change, gents hole-in-the-wall change
	(5-6)	1s cast down, 2s lead up
	(7-8)	All cloverleaf turn single


by Peggy Roe, 2014
Duple minor 1s improper
Music: Twelfth night at the Fireside“ by Karen McIvor, or other 32-bar waltz
22 bar, 3/4, key of C

A  1-4   All back-to-back with neighbor
   5-8   All back-to-back with partner
   9-12  Double half figure of 8: 1s cross down through 2s and cast back up while 
         2s cast up above the 1s and cross back down
'  13-16 Circle 4 left once around into
B  1-4   All half poussette clockwise with partner (gents forward to start). Flow into:
   5-8   Mad Robin - ladies through the center to start
   9-12  Ladies dance a hole-in-the-wall cross, then gents do the same
   13-14 1s cast down while 2s lead up
   15-16 All cloverleaf turn single (toward next neighbor) and finish facing new

This is one of the dances written for our annual Vancouver Christmas dance. Karen Mclvor is one of the talented members of Victoria's Dancehall Players.

* Hole-in-the-wall cross: Two dancers change places by moving toward one another, pivoting to change while keeping eye contact, then falling back into each other's places.

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