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by Peggy Roe.

Reconstruction from

Longways Duple Minor 1 cpl improper

Music: Could use “Leah's Waltz”

  A1 	(1-4)	Neighbour back-to-back
	(5-8)	Partner 2-hand turn - use the momentum to flow into…
  A2	(1-4)	Simultaneous half figure 8s (2s cast up, 1s cross down to start), end with 		1s 
              proper, 2s improper.
	(5-8)	Circle left once around, flow into….

  B1	(1-4)	Half pousette clockwise (gents forward) flow into…
	(5-8)	Simultaneous Mad Robin (ladies forward)
  B2	(1-4)	Ladies hole-in-the-wall change, gents hole-in-the-wall change
	(5-6)	1s cast down, 2s lead up
	(7-8)	All cloverleaf turn single
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