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Smithy Hill

by Tom Cook Longways for as many as will, improper
(The video is Ottawa ED no less. Video by Edward Hearne.)

   A1    8  Hands-four halfway; step left and right.
         8  Repeat to places
         8  Ladies change places by right; men the same
         8  Repeat to places
   A2    8  Lead neighbor out a double, and change places, turning lady under.
         8  Ladies pass by right hand to face partner;
            Change with partners by left hand, lady passing under ("box the gnat").
         8  Four changes of hey, starting with left hand to partner, then
            other changes without hands until ladies are on other side, men
            facing partners.
         4  Men draw ladies into progressed places with both hands.
         4  All drop hands and step left and right.
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