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Sir Watkin's Jig

Universal Magazine 1749.
Adapted by Charles Bolton in 1985.
(Triple minor longways)
(Reconstruction from video instruction by Orly Krasner
A Pinewoods video is well-danced, and I believe Orly is W1:

   C1 cast down 1 place, C2 up. 
   C1 2H turn all way round
   C1 & C3 - 4 changes of R&L
   C1 face down (take nearer hands) and dance through C3, 
   separate and cast up to middle place, 
   take nearer hands facing up and pass through C2 
   and cast back to middle, then turn single down.
   Circle 6 1/2 way round.
   Lines fall back setting, come forward turning single. 
   All turn partner 2H 1/2 way.

Sir Watkin's Jig

Three couple longways, G Major, 6/8
A Choice Collection of 200 Favourite Country Dances (Thompson), 1774. Retreads (Bolton), 1985.

  A1 1-4   1st couple long cast to second place (2nd couple
           moving up on bars 3-4).
     5-8   1st couple two-hand turn.
  A2 1-8   1st and 3rd couples four changes of rights and
           lefts, starting with partner.
  B1 1-4   1st couple lead down through 3rd couple and cast
           back to second place.
     5-8   1st couple lead up through 2nd couple and cast to
           sec- ond place.
     9-10  1st couple turn single down (man right, woman
  B2 1-4   Circle six left halfway, breaking into two lines.
     5-6   Keeping hands, lines set, moving backwards.
     7-8   Letting go hands, turn single moving forward.
     9-10  Partners two-hand turn halfway.

A2 The four changes here are leisurely (four steps per change). They should be not only elegant, but also timed to the music.
B2 5-10 This is a slightly quicker sequence compared to the rest of the dance. One suggestion is to set back in a line, and not too far. Then attempt to do the turn single forward together! Finally, be on time with the short halfway turn.

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