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Sion House

Playford in 1686.
Interpreted by Cecil Sharp in 1922.
Longways, Triple time, slow
Video: (wobbly camera)

   Hands-4 half way; 
   1st woman and 2nd man cross while others turn single (6 steps).
   Hands-4 half way;

   1st man and 2nd woman cross while others turn single (6 steps).
   Men lead through women and cast back to places; 
   partners turn 3/2.
   Women lead through men and cast back to places; 
   1st couple half figure-eight up through 2nd couple and 
   cross back to places.


A1  1-2	Circle left half
    3-4	2nd corners change as 1st turn single left
A2  1-2	Circle left half
    3-4	1st corners change as 2nd turn single left
B1  1-4	Men lead through women, cast back to place
    5-8	Partner two hand turn once and a half
B2  1-4	Women lead through men, cast back to place
    5-81s half figure 8 up, then cross to change places

Syon House, Ilseworth, Middlesex, was a manor house built on the site of Bridgettine Syon Abbey, one of the last of the great monastic centers of England. It perished, along with its Father Confessor, for refusing to accede to Henry VIII’s insistence that the Church be subservient to secular power in the form of the monarch.
The manor was one of the favorite residences of Queen Elizabeth, and was also the place where Jane Grey accepted the crown of England, which she bore but nine days (she was the daughter-in-law of the then-owner of the manor).
Syon House eventually passed into the hands of the Earls of Northumberland, who hold it still. Graham Christian (writing in CDSS News, issue #184, May/June 2005) links the title with the Earl of Northumberland who was known for his neutrality during the English Civil War, and who acted as governor to the Duke of York. The Duke eventually became King James II (famous for sponsoring his edition of the Bible) who reigned briefly from 1685-1688.
Christian suggests the appearance of the melody in Playford’s 1686 volume, published at the beginning of James’s reign, is meant in part to honor their relationship.

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