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The Siege of Limerick

Playford in 1695..
Adapted by Cecil Sharp in 1922.
duple minor proper, longways

Part     Bars        Description
A1       2        1st man cast below as 2nd man dances up
         2        1st man pass CW around 2nd woman to progressed place
A2       4        1st woman similarly on her side
B        2        1's cast up
         2        All back to back partners
         4        Circular hey, 4 changes, beginning with partner
         1        1's lead down middle, turn
         1        1's lead back up middle
         2        1's cast down to progressed place

commemorating the two assaults by William of Orange on the Jacobite stronghold of Limerick in 1690 and 1691

By then, it was late August. Winter was approaching, and William wanted to finish the war in Ireland so that he could return to the Netherlands and get on with the main business of the War of the Grand Alliance against the French. For that reason, he decided on an all-out assault on Limerick. William's men had suffered about 3,000 casualties, including many of their best Dutch, Danish, German and Huguenot troops. The Jacobites had lost only 400 men in the battle. The worsening weather made William call off the siege and put his troops into winter quarters, where another 2,000 of them died of disease. William himself left Ireland shortly afterwards and returned to London.

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