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Sicilian Circle or The Circassian Circle

Published by Thomas Hillgrove in 1857
Sicilian Circle or improper DM
Tune: Sicilian Circle

A1  1-8	 Right and left through, over and back
A2  1-4	 Advance to partner and retire
    5-8	 Partner two hand turn
B1  1-8	 Ladies chain, over and back
B2  1-8	 Promenade once and a half around the minor set to 
         face a new couple

Video: Sicilian improper

The term “Sicilian Circle” has come to mean a way of dancing a minor set dance in a circle instead of longways. But once upon a time there was a dance called The Sicilian Circle (and before that, in 1822, it was called Circassian Circle). It appears to have taken its figures from The Plain Quadrille, but executes them in a duple minor format. See The Libary of Dance for more info. The dance was popular and evolved over the years. This is merely one version.

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