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Sibyl's Roundabout

   Les Wooton, published in English Dance and Song Spring 1972
   Circle mixer. Difficulty: 2
   A1:         All go into the middle 4 steps and out; 
           all go in again, men stay (but turn round, 
           in 4 steps) and women fall back in 4 steps.
   A2:         Do si do partner; chassay 2 steps on your own 
           (i.e. not holding partner) to your own left, 
           then chassay 2 steps to your right 
           (note that men and women go opposite ways).
   B1:         Give left hand to partner and right hand to 
           neighbour to make a wavy circle with men 
           facing out and balance forward and back; 
           allemande left 1/2 with person in your left 
           hand (your partner), to make another wave 
           with men facing in and balance forward and back. 
           Allemande right 1/2 with person in your right 
           hand (your partner+1 -- note this person) and 
           pass by them briefly to meet someone coming 
           your way (your partner+2).
   B2:         Allemande left with the one coming towards you 
           all the way round; go back to the one you noted 
           (new partner) and swing.
   Music: 32-bar reels
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