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SHROPSHIRE GALLOP (5 couples longways, 32 bar jig)

   A1 1-4 slip circle 1/2 way to Lt
      5-8 M1 and W5 cast to Lt and lead all into partner's place (skipping)
   A2 1-4 All slip circle Rt 1/2 way
      5-8  M1 and W5 cast to Rt and lead everyone home (skip)
   B1 1-8  C1 with C2, C3 with C4 Rt H across once round and Lt H across back
           while C5 cross, move up set and cross between stars, then
           move up to top
   B2 1-8  C5 gallop down centre followed by others (to to top first)
           Then C5 gallop back up followed by C1 C2 and C3 making arches
           over couples coming down
           (note strange ordering of couples??)
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