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SHORT & SWEET (Bray, duple longways, 6/4)

   A1 1-2 All meet R shoulders into line
      3-4 Cast L to place
   A2 1-2 All meet L shoulders
      3-4 Cast R to place
   B1 1-2 C1 change places RH and lead up
      3-4 Turn away from each other and dance down to face C2
      5-8  (C1 on outside)  M1 turn W2 Rt 3/4
            W1 turn M2 Lt 3/4
            [[C1|in middle facing up]]
            then face neighbour
   B2 1-4  M1 and W2 back to back Rt, 
           W1 and M2 back to back Lt
      5-8  C1 cross above C2 and cast, while C2 meet and 
           lead up  and turn out to place.
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